Artist Statement


I am a sculptor, I work with steel on large scale sculptures and cast in lead, resin, plaster and wax on smaller pieces, incorporating found objects and furniture. The processes I employ are an important part of my practice, as is the hand made quality of the work.

My practice is informed by a fascination with objects. The objects we surround ourselves with can symbolize and reinforce certain social identities, ideologies and dominant values. They are also repositories of stories and life experiences.

I draw on my own life experiences and what I see around me, exploring dominant values, power structures and gender stereotypes in my work, that have been a source of conflict to me as a woman from a working class background.

How we live our lives and interrelate with society at large is inscribed in the objects we possess and use. By re-making and using everyday objects - by moving them to a gallery space, I am asking people to look at them in a different way. By doing so, I want to question the dominant values of our society.


Stephanie Bengry-Howell
August 2011